Ottoman Turkish Tinned Copper Pitcher Basin Dish

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This is a set of 3 rare utensils of the ottoman (turkish) period in greece: a pitcher, a basin and a dish with its cap. they are being dated around 1700-1800 period. they belonged to ioannou family, one of the richest, wealthiest families in lesvos island.
they are in a very good condition for their age.

1) pitcher:
height = 40cm
it is made by tinned copper in and outside.
has a cap incorporated to the top that opens, closes. the handle starts from the top and ends on pot's body. the body has the shape of a pear and a perforated bell-shaped base (as shown in the pictures).
it was used in two ways: a) they put water on it for hands, face washing, b) they put water on it and then they placed it near a fireplace or a woodstove to warm the water and used it for washing.

2) basin:
height = 18cm
diameter = 40cm
it is made by tinned copper in and outside.
has a perforated base (as shown in the pictures).
it was used to gather the water from the pitcher.

the pitcher and the basin are one complete set and they are called "legenobreko".

3) dish with its cap:
dish (height = 4.50cm)
(diameter = 23cm)
cap (height = 15cm)
(diameter = 22cm)
they are made by tinned copper in and outside.
it was used for food or fruits service.

the dish is complete with its cap. it is difficult to find a dish because of its erosion from the daily use, some of them fed their animals only through this, etc.

these utensils were being used by rich, wealthy families. that's why they were called luxury tablewares as well. they were also be given as a dowry to the family's daughter who was about to get married. finally they have a stamp (initials) on them that shows their authenticity.

Price: €5,000 ( Euros )

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Nikolaos Platis

22, Prasinou Lofou
N. Iraklio



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