French Fireplace Caduceus Serpent 20 Tiles

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You are bidding on this gorgeous fireplace / set of 20 pottery tiles.

this fireplace includes:

6 upper tiles pottery spanish tiles made in valencia spain probably by manuel sales vidal . they are not marked on the back.
colors: the design depicts vivid flowers and foliage in the art nouveau style. decorated in rich tones of pink, green, yellow, brown and white.
thick crazing glaze.
condition: very good the chips on the edges and on the front part are little.


14 art nouveau pottery snake tiles 7" 3/8 x 7" 7/8, made in france, they are not marked on the back.
depicting sinuous green snakes against a bunch of vivid red, yellow and black flowers. the background is a rich white color.
it is in very good condition, minor chips on the edges and on the front part.

external measurements: 48" x 44".

these tiles would look superb installed in your fireplace, as well as in your kitchen, bathroom, backsplash, hall or garden.

the symbol of medicine:

today, two serpent motifs are commonly used to symbolize the practice and profession of medicine. internationally, the most popular symbol of medicine is the single serpent?entwined staff of asklepios (latin, aesculapius), the ancient greco-roman god of medicine. however, in the united states, the staff of asklepios (the asklepian) and a double serpent?entwined staff with surmounting wings (the caduceus) are both popular medical symbols. the latter symbol is often designated as the "medical caduceus" and is equated with the ancient caduceus, the double serpent?entwined staff of the greco-roman god hermes (latin, mercury). many physicians would be surprised to learn that the medical caduceus has a quite modern origin: its design is derived not from the ancient caduceus of hermes but from the printer's mark of a popular 19th-century medical publisher. furthermore, this modern caduceus became a popular medical symbol only after its adoption by the u.s. army medical corps at the beginning of the 20th century. (information taken from the internet).

Price: $590 ( US Dollars )

Seller details

Marcos Obelar

Constituyente 1722

web site

+598 2410 73 10


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