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Up for bids and viewing consideration is this unique and exclusive football items collection that includes photos, documents, pins, medals, diplomas, books, personal notes, newspapers, football rules, souvenirs, menus, magazines, tickets, etc., dating to the olympic tournament 1924, 1928 and first football / soccer world cup 1930.

it was formed at first by domingo lombardi, an uruguayan referee who traveled with the football delegations (in those times referees were used to travelling with the football delegations of each country) he was regarded as very professional and charismatic. he was born in uruguay 1898 and passed away in 1971.

this collection is not only exclusive but also valuable. the items included here are unique, among them we have gold medal given to domingo lombardi (# 10), more than ten documents signed and sent by the fifa to d. lombardi, many autographed photos that show the most important football players and leaders of that time, football teams that took part of the olympic tournaments 1924 - 1928 and first football world cup 1930, many of them are autographed by the football players and stamped to the back with the german photographer mark (authorized by the fifa for that purpose # 35).

a ticketbook given to the referee domingo lombardi to see the olympic tournament. some of the tickets have broken edges, they are shown in picture # 108, # 109, # 110, # 11, # 112, # 113.

you will also find souvenirs such as a pair of dutch shoes with a footballer and his ball stamped on them. to the back there is a mark, they are shown in picture # 23 and # 24.
also hand painted, dutch, gouda ceramic plates made for the olympic tournament in amsterdam.

programs and menus of banquets for the olympic champions, signed by them (nassazi, lombardi, etc.). it is important to mention a very interesting ticket or invitation to the moulin rouge given to domingo lombardi. to the back of the ticket you can appreciate (# 41, # 42, # 43, # 44, # 45) a drawing signed by charles carl gesmar (1900 - 1928) a well-known french artist who created important posters and drawings. the art deco style work shown here is signed at the bottom left as pictured.

there are also personal notes written by d. lombardi before, during and after the football . documents which have never been seen before with an international interest and value. the ideal acquisition for football memorabilia collectors, football foundations or museums.

we represent the owners of the collection so in order to keep the exclusivity of these unique documents and items we decided not to include complete pictures of them. i mean, we don't show some signatures or photos of the official documents of the fifa. this way we and the winning bidder will have some privacy regarding the sale of the lot. that is why we also added a stamp on each photo with our store's name.

Price: $33,000 ( US Dollars )

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Marcos Obelar

Constituyente 1722

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+598 2410 73 10


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