19th Century Japanese Imari Bowl

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A fabulous 19th century japanese imari bowl. the bowl is perfect with scalloped rim and the segmented panels with various designs. circa 1890, bowl measures 12 inches diameter, 30 cms.

imari porcelain is the european collectors' name for japanese porcelain wares made in the town of arita, in the former hizen province, northwestern kyushu, and exported from the port of imari, saga, specifically for the european export trade.
imari was simply the trans-shipment port for arita wares. the kilns at arita formed the heart of the japanese porcelain industry, which developed in the 17th century, after kaolin was discovered in 1616 by an immigrant korean potter yi sam-pyeong (1579?1655). yi sam-pyeong was kidnapped with his extended family (180 persons) after the japanese invasion in korea in 1598. after the discovery, arita kilns introduced korean style overglazing technique and refined designs from the political chaos china, where the chinese kilns at ching-te-chen were damaged in the political chaos and the new qing dynasty government stopped trade in 1656-1684. the first porcelain made at arita, imitating chinese blue-and-white designs, was also widely exported to europe through the dutch east india company, but the designation "imari porcelain" connotes arita wares more specifically designed to catch the european taste.

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