1960's Licio Zanetti Murano Glass Bird Masterpiece

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Up for bids and viewing consideration is this rare and not very frequent to find bird sculpture, made and signed by the italian glass-master licio zenetti in the early 60's.

it is rare to find firstly, due to its big size. it is 40" (1.20 mt.) high. wide 15" (38 cm.)

secondly, it is signed zanetti licio to the base, as pictured.

made with a combination of solid and blown glass.

mint condition, no chips, cracks or repairs.

it was made by joining the upper with the lower part through a bronze fastener that cannot be seen when the piece is joined. look at the pictures to see what i mean.

the fact that can be taken apart is very practical because we are reducing the danger of breakage when carrying it.

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a piece of history

licio zanetti, son of oscar zanetti had worked for venini, barbini cenedese and alfredo, and soon became an artist known for his creations and his collaboration with renowned artists such as raul goldoni, enzo scarpa, fulvio bianconi and libero vitali.
oscar zanetti both father and grandfather were glassmasters. oscar's grandfather, after he was named, was a glassmaster of venini and opened his own kiln in 1956, in fondamenta vetrai. licio his son, the father of oscar.
oscar zanetti - oscar zanetti was born in 1961 in one of the historic families of murano. his family was among the first to move to murano in venice, when the late thirteenth century, it was decided to move all the furnaces to this island for security reasons. the coat of arms of the family zanetti - depicting a fox and a snake - you can see in the frieze at the museum of glass, an institution that owes its foundation in 1861 to a family member zanetti. the abbot vincenzo zanetti, he devoted his efforts to sustain and promote the art of glass and glass-school founded in 1862.
started in entry level 'garzone', but also given an opportunity to act as "servente" and within two years he had acquired a remarkable level of expertise. it was then, in the eighties, his father, licio summoned him to work with him, and this represents a new beginning. this meant a change of solid glass blown glass - which remains the hallmark of production by vetreria zanetti - where the glass weighed met ten times in a different technique is needed and what is more, there was a relationship to be built next to his father.
even today, oscar remembers coming to meet her father in the oven, and as licio challenges him, without getting involved too: "at one point i was assigned as a glassmaster servente lacking talent, when he left, i was told that could try to replace it. "therefore, within six years, in 1989, oscar became a teacher, with its square, and his own assistants. but in this profession, often repeated, "never stop learning."

Price: $2,900 ( US Dollars )

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Marcos Obelar

Constituyente 1722

web site

+598 2410 73 10


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